Stoneface cover back.png

Stoneface Part II

For this album, five members reunite for a powerful statement about the roads they have traveled, both together and as individuals. The result is not an album with your typical three minute hit songs. This is uncompromised rock music to be listened to many times. And when you do, you will discover the multiple layers within.


This history started many years ago in Sweden. 1982 saw the first light of their previous band Motherlode, as Tom and Peter founded the band and started working on the first songs together with Christer.  In 1983 while the first demo was being cut, Johan joined to add keyboards to the powerful songs. Martin joined in 1985, adding even more power with his forceful playing. And 1986 a European tour supporting English rock band Magnum followed the release of the first album, The Sanctuary. In the late eighties, even though the band went on, these members parted ways and went their separate ways. Until now...