Fare Thee Well, our dear friend

It is with extremely saddened hearts we have to inform you of the passing of our friend and guitar player Tom Nilsson. We knew early on that Tom's cancer would not be beaten and that our album Bad Luck World had a very definite finish line. Tom was very pleased with the album and happy when it was released two weeks ago, as he knew that this would be his last music. Apart from being a fantastic guitar player and songwriter, Tom was an honest, fair and humble person who treated people with great respect and love.

We are all very thankful of all the years of friendship, great music and laughs we have experienced together. There has been rehearsals, recordings, concerts, tours and hours and hours of fun. And then some! At this time our thoughts goes out to Tom's precious family.

Fare Thee Well dear and beloved friend. We will meet again for the great gig in the sky!

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