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The complete cover for Bad Luck World is done!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

And so are the titles of the songs. As we are nearing the completion of this journey we would like to share the titles with you and hope you look forward to hearing the finished album as much as we do.

To give you some more insight in the work and our ambition with this album, here's the play time of each song:

Why Does It Happen (5:15)

Power (6:46)

Bad Luck World (5:29)

Never Ask about The Bones (4:49)

Change Of Times (7:23)

Last Days (6:24)

After B (5:14)

Afraid To Love (4:40)

Evil Is What Evil Does (6:21)

Next Time (7:35)

Fare Thee Well (9:04)

Total play time is 70 minutes so be prepared to sit down for long, good listen (and a whisky..?) when the album is released next month!

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